Dolphin Royal SwimPuerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta - Dolphin Royal Swim
Adultos: $2,099.00  USD
Niños: $1,199.00  USD
Puerto Vallarta

Duration of program: 15 min briefing and 60 min in the water



Horarios Diario
Dolphin Royal Swim
02:30 PM, 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM
Duración del Programa

Duration of program: 15 min briefing and 60 min in the water

Gallery Dolphin Royal Swim
Gallery Dolphin Royal Swim


Puerto Vallarta - Dolphin Royal Swim

Pure excitement: action and speed!

Our most dynamic program: swim with dolphins, defined with two words; action and speed. Only at Dolphin Discovery Vallarta you can find this unforgettable experience in a day filled of fun for your entire family. Our dolphins will conquer your heart before you even get into the water as you watch them swimming along and showing all their tricks. Our incredible Dolphin Royal Swim program includes the famous foot push, where two dolphins will push you from your feet soles up the water surface. Awesome!
Following that you will hold on to two dolphins' dorsal fins and they will pull you across the water on the famous dorsal tow. Our friendly dolphins will also give you a handshake with their fins, a peck on the cheek, and enjoy playing with you. Dolphin Discovery habitat is located inside Aquaventuras Park Vallarta, one of the most popular locations.
All our swim with dolphins programs in Vallarta include the admission to Aquaventuras Park. Come to enjoy 10 water slides, a fresh ride along the river, a kid’s playground and a swimming pool area all in a gorgeous, natural environment.

Place your reservation now and get the experience of a lifetime!


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