Dolphin EncounterCozumel
Cozumel - Dolphin Encounter
Adultos: $1,299.00  USD
Niños: $1,199.00  USD
Adultos Edad +13
Niños Edad 6 - 12
Infantes Edad 1 - 5

Duration of program: 45 minutes (including orientation)



Horarios Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes
Dolphin Encounter
01:00 PM, 11:00 AM, 10:00 AM
Duración del Programa

Duration of program: 45 minutes (including orientation)

Gallery Dolphin Encounter
Gallery Dolphin Encounter


Cozumel - Dolphin Encounter

A program for all ages: Learn and have fun!

Especially designed for the entire family. Dolphin Encounter is the ideal Dolphin Swim program to introduce your children to the nature ofmarine animals and the beauty they offer. Your kids will be able to enjoy safe and fun activities that will delight them and have them entertained while they learn. The whole activity is done over a safe submerged platform in the Caribbean Sea, there's no need of swimming. The program includes hugs and kisses, a handshake, and dolphin behaviors.
After your swim with dolphins activity, uncover one of Cozumel hidden treasures, Chankanaab Natinonal Reef Park. Enjoy the best snorkeling of your life in the pristine Caribbean Sea waters at the Island of Cozumel in Mexico, where you can explore the underwater worlds of beautiful coral reefs, colorful sea life, and many other undiscovered surprises that only this paradise can offer. Our dolphins were all born under human care inside our facilities through our succesfull program "Miracle" world wide recognized by several Important Organizations.

Place your reservation today and live the experiences of a lifetime!

Dolphin Discovery location at Chankanaab Park is open at 9:00 am.



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Información Adicional - Dolphin Encounter


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