Dolphin Encounter - Tulum AkumalTulum - Akumal
Tulum - Akumal - Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal
Adultos: $1,399.00  USD
Niños: $1,299.00  USD
Tulum - Akumal
Adultos Edad +13
Niños Edad 6 - 12
Infantes Edad 1 - 5
  • 15 min briefing and 40 min in the water.


Horarios Diario
Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal
02:00 PM, 03:30 PM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM
Duración del Programa
  • 15 min briefing and 40 min in the water.
Gallery Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal
Gallery Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal


Tulum - Akumal - Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal

A program design for all ages!

You and your children will be able to enjoy safe and fun activities that Dolphin Discovery Akumal has especially designed for all ages. The Encounter program is filled with informative and fun facts about dolphins; you will learn everything about these beautiful marine mammals. This is the best program for kids as it is the ideal activity introducing them to nature and respecting marine animals. Within this program you will receive a kiss, a hug, a handshake and you will be enjoying games with dolphins with your family, and they will also teach you how they sing and dance.
Everyone will learn about their diet, interesting facts and dolphin’s behavior. The Dolphin Encounter program provides the best chance to learn about dolphins and interact with them. Let your kids enter to the dolphins’ fascinating world and live the Experience of a Lifetime.
Our habitat is located just 20 minutes driving from Tulum which is considered one of the top ten archaeological sites in the world. Dolphin Akumal is the newest dolphin habitat in the Mayan Riviera and the perfect spot so you can enjoy your vacation and this incredible experience. Dolphin Discovery Akumal has breathtaking panoramic views and it is the only one with all dolphins born under human care (certified MIRACLE program)

Place your reservation today and enjoy the best expereience ever!




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Información Adicional - Dolphin Encounter - Tulum Akumal


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